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The production of medicines includes an incomplete production cycle (the final stages: packing, marking and packing of raw materials in-bulk) and a full cycle of production of drugs and dietary supplements – the production of tablets and capsules, sachets from substances and auxiliary substances.

The production site of LTD “NIKA PHARM” consists of three workshops, two of which (warehouses No.1, No.3) are certified according to the requirements of O’zDST 2766: 2013.

Activity of the warehouse  number 1: pre-packing and packing of solid medicines (tablets and capsules), packing of sachets, labeling and packaging of drugs for injections, nasal sprays, eye drops.

Activity of the warehouses №2, №3: production of solid dosage drugs and dietary supplements (tablets, capsules) and powders (sachets).

The technological process for the production of tablets, capsules and sachets consists of the following stages: 

  • Mass production for tableting / encapsulation / sachets
  • Tableting / encapsulation
  • Coated tablets
  • Pre-packing of tablets / capsules / granules
  • Packaging
  • Technological processes for the production of drugs (tablets, capsules and sachets) are carried out on technological equipment produced in India, the company “Chitra machineries pvt ltd,”, “Karnavati machines ltd,” India.

The used technological equipment has passed the qualification procedure, which ensures that the products manufactured not only comply with the requirements of the Normative Document for finished products, but also that it is constantly manufactured under the same controlled conditions, in accordance with the same established procedure of actions , as at the time of the qualification.


Storage of substances, auxiliary substances, raw materials “in bulk”, packaging materials and printed products, finished products, authorized for sale, is carried out in warehouses. Compliance with the requirements for ensuring the safety of products. Warehouses are guarded by Security Service staff, the environment in warehouses is controlled by thermoelectronic hygrometers and is maintained by a system of air-conditioning and ventilation.

In the warehouses for substances, auxiliary substances, “in bulk” raw materials, packaging materials and printed products are provided for quarantine and main storage areas.

In the warehouse of the GP there are zones for storing thermolabile products. The received goods are stored on racks and pallets and do not exceed a height of 1.5 meters. The products are identified through information sheets.