Contract production

LTD “NIKA PHARM” launched a high-tech automated complex for the production of medicines. Also it has a production building and equipment for the production of complete technological cycle products in tablet and capsule forms.

Production facilities of LTD “NIKA PHARM” are 757.6 million tablets per year, 59.2 million capsules per year, 48.2 million bottles per year and 2.9 million packages per year.

A separate line of activity of LTD “NIKA PHARM” is the provision of services for contract manufacturing of full-cycle pharmaceutical products.

Kinds of let out production:
– Usual tablets;
– Coated tablets;
– Enteric-coated tablets;
– Tablets two-layer (any color gamut).

A) Encapsulation of powders:
– Hard gelatin capsules (from 600 capsules and above).

B) Encapsulation of pallets:
– Powders, granules.

We also provide packaging, blister packs (PVC and Alyu blisters) of any number of tablets and capsules, powders and granules in sachet packs from 3 to 10 grams. Since October, LTD “NIKA PHARM” launches a line of drug packaging in Alyu-Alyu with perforation of blisters, as well as equipment for sachet packing of 4 suture packages from 30×40 mm to 130×150 mm, weight from 1 to 30 grams.