Laboratory research

The control and analytical testing laboratory of the LTD “NIKA PHARM” is accredited for technical competence (accreditation certificate No. UZ.AMT.07.MAI. 754 dated 11.01.2010 for compliance with the requirements of O’z DSt ISO / IEC 17025: 2007) and annually confirms Compliance with the requirements of O’z DSt ISO / IEC 17025: 2007  (Order of the Accreditation Council No. IN-126 of 19.06.2015).

The QCD carries out:

  • Input control of raw materials “in-bulk”, substances and auxiliary materials. The analysis of raw materials is carried out according to ND, after carrying out the test report is made out.
  • The incoming inspection of the purchased laboratory equipment is carried out according to the specification to the contract / contract, according to the passport (the equipment operation manual) and the packing list with registration of the protocol of the incoming control of the equipment.
  • Input control of primary and secondary packaging material and printed products: polyvinyl chloride film, aluminum foil for compliance with ND and internal specifications.
  • Control of microbiological purity of air and surfaces of industrial premises, washings from technological clothes and hands of production personnel working in “clean”.
  • Controlling the stability of archival samples.
  • Sampling of raw materials and materials, intermediate and finished products, and physical, chemical and microbiological analyzes for compliance with ND.

The QCD documentation system is completed from the documents required by the standard O’z DSt ISO / IEC 17025: 2007 and from internal documents developed at the request of the integrated quality management system of the enterprise.