Mission and Values

NIKA PHARM Limited Liability Company occupies a leading position in the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of production of medicines in the form of tablets / hard capsules / sachets of packages and nasal sprays from active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, packaging / labeling / packaging of medicines from the raw materials obtained in in-bulk form in the form of tablets and capsules.


Vision of Nika Pharm LLC

We, the company NIKA PHARM, are a conductor of European quality in healthcare of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Central Asia and CIS countries. Paying special attention to the formation of a line of drugs for children’s health, we create portfolios from therapeutic groups of cardio, gastro, neuro drugs, as well as portfolios of drugs against influenza and cold, for women’s and men’s health according to unique recipes and based on licensed agreements with patent holders from around the world. We focus on creating unique, import-substituting and highly profitable medicines. We will develop a strong and highly qualified team.

We will enter the TOP-10 of all manufacturers in the market of Uzbekistan and achieve high brand recognition of NIKA PHARM.

We believe that the high-quality fulfillment of our obligations will lead to the rise of the level of health and happiness, as well as an increase in the average life expectancy of people in Uzbekistan, Central Asia and CIS countries.

Mission of Nika Pharm LLC

Rx mission: We meet the need of doctors for effective drugs that help to cure the patient. We increase the competence of doctors by providing information about drugs and the ability to participate in conferences, round tables, and lectures by opinion leaders. We provide affordable medicines with European quality.

OTC mission: We solve the problem of a pharmacy supplier in providing the population with effective drugs with high turnover and marginality. We provide affordable medicines with European quality.

The main values of the company

In order to achieve its goals, Nika Pharm LLC determined its obligations:

• organize financial and economic activities to achieve production / sales volumes;
• improve production conditions in the form of automation and computerization;
• comply with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 and Oz’DSt 2766: 2018 (GMP) and carry out continuous improvement of the integrated management system;
• plan and implement actions in response to risks and opportunities;
• be open to the Consumer and provide access to information on the quality of medicines produced by the enterprise;
• comply with the requirements of current legislation, international agreements, regulatory requirements governing the activities of the enterprise for the production of drugs, labor protection, environmental protection, food safety and other requirements;
• create conditions, including methods of motivation and involvement of personnel in improvement activities;
• continuously improve staff skills through the organization of internal and external training, certification;
• provide healthy and safe working conditions for workers through the introduction of modern safety equipment that prevents work-related injuries and ensures proper sanitary and hygienic conditions and prevents possible environmental pollution;
• timely and fully provide the necessary resources for the processes of an integrated management system;
• attract employees to actively participate in compliance with requirements in the field of industrial and environmental safety, labor protection;
• periodically inform stakeholders about the activities of Nika Pharm LLC in the field of quality and labor protection? environmental protection and food safety;
• the most rational use of production capacity while minimizing the expenditure of material, energy, technical, environmental and financial resources;
• communicate all changes to the Policy to employees, visitors, contractors and other interested parties.