Purpose and policy

LTD “NIKA PHARM” is a leading manufacturer of medicines in the pharmaceutical market of Uzbekistan.

Our main task is the production of high-quality, effective and affordable drugs.

Our aim is to guarantee the high quality and safety of our products.

Preparations of LTD “NIKA PHARM” are manufactured in accordance with the GMP standard.

Each stage of production, from the purchase of raw materials and ending with packaging, as well as the storage of finished products is under the mandatory control of our specialists.

The GMP standard, introduced at our enterprise in 2011, guarantees the quality and safety of manufactured products that meet international requirements.

The marketing service constantly studies market needs and develops solutions that take into account the needs of doctors and patients. This approach allows to produce modern drugs at an affordable price and quality that meets international standards.

LTD “NIKA PHARM” chooses a path of growth that takes into account the current and future needs of the pharmaceutical market. We build our future on a responsible attitude to consumers and health professionals.

Our plant has a modern filtration system to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

The main value of our company are employees, so taking care of their health and safety is at the core of the organization of all processes.

Professional growth of each employee allows us to solve the most difficult tasks. To this, the company invests in personnel training and supports initiatives that improve the level of qualifications and quality of the work process.